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Paula Gonzalez

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Student Rights and Responsibilities


  1. To learn while in school
  2. To fair and equal treatment
  3. To learn in a safe place
  4. To share my opinion


  1. To follow school rules
  2. To treat adults and peers with respect
  3. To listen and not talk when other are talking - especially the teacher!
  4. To be prepared for class, participate, and complete assignments
  5. To not distract others from learning
General School Recources
1/25/18 3:45 PM
1/25/18 3:46 PM
1/25/18 3:46 PM
Supply List


  • 1/2 “ binder (3 ring)
  • dividers with pockets (5)
  • college ruled binder paper
  • 1 composition book
  • simple calculator
  • scissors


Pencil Pouch/Box:

  • pencils (sharpened and ready)
  • personal pencil sharpener (for emergencies)
  • colored pencils (sharpened and ready)
  • red, green, blue, and black ball point pens (for color coding and note taking)

Paula Gonzalez

Welcome To Distance Learning!

5th Distance Learning - Week of April 13 - April 17th

Dear 5th Graders:

  • These assignments are designed to take one week. 

  • Students can complete the PDF packet available for download on the district distance learning site or printed in the front office OR they can use their usernames and passwords for each subject to log in to the subject specific sites that support our curriculum.**

  • Enhancement activities and additional sites for projects will be posted in google classroom and here on the tab to the right. 

ELA: Unit 5, Week 4

  • Vocabulary: using your anthology, find the vocabulary words highlighted in yellow. Use the glossary to record the  definitions in your journals.

    • Your Turn Practice Book: pg 231.

  • Read story: “When is a Planet Not a Planet?” pgs. 404-421

    • Close Reading Companion: pgs. 154-156

  • Writing: In your writing journals or on lined paper, write a 6-10 sentence response to the Essential Question on page 404: “How can scientific knowledge change over time.

**Access ConnectEd through the Quick Links tab on the right of the District Website or



Math: Unit 1 and Unit 2

  • Order of Operations: pgs. 6-10

  • Write and Interpret Expressions: pgs. 11-15

**online option- go to google classroom to find the attached pdf



Social Studies: Week #19

  • Read all articles.

  • Complete crossword.

  • Answer all parts of the Think and Review Questions in complete sentences. 

**online option- go to

AR Due Dates


Trimester #1 - AR tests due:

  1. 9/6
  2. 10/18

Great News! Students can take their AR tests from home during our Distance Learning Adventure! We also have a great new resource for the kids to check on, myOn. Another good resource to check out will be Epic! The information for these will all be in google classroom since we have school codes to get in that shouldn't be posted here. 

Extention Links