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Supplies Needed

For the class:


baby wipes


zip block bags




Mr. Sketch markers


glue sticks


waterproof bandaids

Pixie Donations Wanted

Having a class pet is a great addition to the classroom. It helps the children learn responsibility, empathy, and is just plain fun! However, it can also get pricey. Any donations to our class pet would be greatly appreciated!


Your veggie scraps from meal prep! (raw veggies only)


CareFresh natural paper bedding


Oxbow Essentials Adult Guinea Pig Food


Timothy Hay

Elissa Linsmeier Locker
4/2/20 12:32 PM
7/24/15 11:26 PM
4/2/20 12:18 PM
7/25/15 12:32 AM
8/1/18 9:44 PM
4/2/20 3:59 PM
4/2/20 12:36 PM
7/29/15 3:32 PM
4/2/20 2:25 PM
7/24/15 3:42 PM
4/2/20 12:19 PM
4/2/20 12:41 PM

Elissa Linsmeier

Reading Wonders

Unit 1, Week 1 is about our first week of school.


La Unidad 1, Semana 1 es sobre nuestra primera semana de escuela.


Unit 1, Week 2

We are continuing to learn how to write our lower case letters correctly. Please reming your student how to hold their pencil correctly when writing and make sure they are following the correct letter writing format (packets will be sent home this week to remind you how it should be written). We use these writing strategies to ensure students are writing efficiently.


Unidad 1, Semana 2
Continuamos aprendiendo cómo escribir nuestras letras minúsculas correctamente. Por favor reproduzca a su estudiante cómo sostener su lápiz correctamente al escribir y asegúrese de que sigan el formato de escritura de cartas correcto (los paquetes serán enviados a casa esta semana para recordarle cómo debe escribirse). Usamos estas estrategias de escritura para asegurar que los estudiantes escriban de manera eficiente.

Go Math

We have started Chapter 1 of our Math program. We will be learning multiple strategies for addition in this chapter.


Hemos comenzado el Capítulo 1 de nuestro programa de Matemáticas. Aprenderemos estrategias múltiples para agregar en este capítulo.


We will be learning about our five senses: taste, smell, sound, touch, and sight.


Aprenderemos sobre nuestros cinco sentidos: gusto, olfato, sonido, tacto y vista.

Mini Days/No School

Minimum days every Wednesday


Friday, August 3rd- Mini Day


September 3rd & 4th - No School


September 7th - Mini Day


October 1st-12th- Fall Break


Library: Mondays @ 8:30

Computer Lab: Fridays @ 12:50

Tink Tank: Wednesdays @ 12:05


Picture day: August 16th

Contact Me

You can call me at 925-625-0073 ext. 2016 or email me at You are also able to message me through Class Dojo.  If you have any comments or questions please email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.